Welcome to Kristin Zeller

Horses that feel understood and safe in the presence of Human are more balanced and grateful partners who join us in trustingly. They cooperate willingly, learn with joy and are motivated to explore new things.

Problems between horse and rider or in the interaction with the horse are most often a result of miscommunication between homo and hippo. A horse can hardly learn our language, therefore, we have to make an effort to understand his.

Even today, many horse people believe that a horse has to be dominated, if needed even with significant use of the whip and spurs. Yet, the horse cooperates more willingly without coercion.

The objective is to establish a partnership and to strengthen the mutual trust between human and horses, disregarding the discipline, whether it is for competition or pleasure riding.

I convey to you a basic insight to the horse's psychology. Everybody who is open to learning can apprehend to establish a bond of trust with his horse, and to solve through a higher understanding of the horse's nature a prevailing problem in their relationship.